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Located in the place with the source of famous Jian Lake, in the southwest Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province, Shaoxing County Winery, has aprimelocation with Jian Lake in the north and Kuaiji Mountain in the South. Only forty kilometers away from Hangzhou and 15 kilometers away from downtown of Shaoxing, it enjoysconvenient transportation both byland and by waterwith the south line of No. 104

national highway right in front of the factory.

Established in 1979, this winery is a large-scale state owned enterprise and occupies a land of above 400,000 square meters. Featured by the advanced brewing equipment and strong technology force, the enterprise fully implements ISO9002 in strict management. Its annual output of 30,000-ton traditional Shaoxing wine is listed on the top of the traditional brewing industry in Shaoxing County and Shaoxing City. Besides, It was awarded Enterprise with Export Commodity Quality Assurance in Zhejiang. Its products, awarded Excellent Product of Province, Ministryand Nation and International Gold Award for many times, are popular with the customers from more than twenty provinces and municipalities in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, and exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the USA, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong, etc.

Our enterprise uses registered brand of Yuejian. The main products vary from the wine of Yuanhong, Jiafan,Huadiao and Xiangxue to Orient Lady’s wine, Jiangxiang liquor and arrack, which are all made by unique technique and scientific formula, with the materials of white glutinous rice and quality wheat plus water from the famous Jian Lake. The wine is featured by the limpid orange color, fragrance, purity and freshness.
Scientific research shows that the wine contains twenty-one kinds of amino acid .essential for human being health and twenty-four kinds of microelement. It is described as “ Liquid Cake” for its rich nutrition value. For those to drink regularly with appropriate amount, it helps to stimulate appetite, produce secretion, enrich blood and dissipate fatigue. As for cooking, it serves to remove fishy smell and enhance bouquet. Regarding medicine soaking, it assists in dissolve the medicine into the wine to enhance efficacy for myospasm relaxation, flow activation, spirit nourishment, body force reinforcement and beauty improvement. For sure, it is a good choice of presents for relatives, friends and guests in occasions of happy events and banquets

Holding as always the principle of “ striving for being the first class enterprise and international famous brand”, Shaoxing County Winery is working on the improvement of both market occupation rate and product quality. It is on the way to traditional wine industry brilliance.

We warmly welcome old and new customers both at home and abroad to develop the Shaoxing wine market together with us by the means of investment, cooperation and product distribution.

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